DJI Mavic Pro – Exporting Remote Controller Data with DJI Assistant 2

- Published on: Feb 4, 2017
- From: DJI Support
- Info: The Mavic Pro stores two kinds of data. Aircraft data and remote controll data. If you are having issues with your remote controller DJI Support may request your remote controller data for analysis. 1 - Download DJI Assistant 2 from the official DJI website and install it. 2 - Connect the remote controller to your computer with a USB cable. 3 - Launch DJI Assistant 2. 4 - Power on the remote controller. 5 - Click Black Box in DJI Assistant 2. 6 - Click save to local and create a folder to which you will save the data. When Export Complete is shown in the app open your data folder to see all the exported remote controller data. Users cannot open the data files as they are encrypted. Please upload the contents of the folder to a cloud storage website and send the link to DJI Support.


Exporting Remote Controller Data DJI Assistant 2