DJI Mavic Pro - Connecting a Mobile Device

- Published on: Feb 8, 2017
- From: DJI Support
- Info: Mavic Pro how to connect a mobile device. After the remote controller is fully charged unfold the mobile device clamps, align the side connection cable with the port on your mobile device, then insert the mobile device into the left device clamp. Insert the mobile device to the right clamp to secure it There are two positions for the side connection cable Choose whichever position is most suitable for your mobile device Also, check to make sure the Home button of your mobile device is positioned as shown You can connect your mobile device to either side or bottom USB port The Micro-USB port on the left of the remote controller can be used for charging or connecting the mobile device. The USB port on the bottom of the remote controller is just used for connecting a mobile device Mobile phones with connection ports on the bottom or side can be connected to the RC If you are using the USB port on the bottom the USB cable connected side port should be removed After flight hold the left clamp and disconnect the mobile device, then fold the device clamps


Connecting a Mobile Device Clamps USB cable Micro-USB port