How to use the editor in DJI GO 4

- Published on: Feb 8, 2017
- From: DJI Support
- Info: The new Editor in DJI GO4 contains a powerful set of features for managing, editing and sharing your videos and photos. 1st Launch DJI GO4, then tap Editor. The Album in the Editor will automatically synchronize the photos and videos you have captured on a given day. You can tap the icon on the top left of the screen to import your favorite shots from an On-board SD card, local photos or videos. To start editing a video, tap create at the top of the screen. Then tap Create. Select the clip you would like to use, and tap create again. The clips you selected will be displayed in the timeline. Select a clip you want to edit. Than tap the clip again or tap the pencil icon next to the clip to edit. Drag the slider above the Speed tab to make the clip play faster or slower You can also adjust contrast, brightness and saturation. Under the tilt-shift tab you can apply selective focus to your shot. Choose round or linear wipe to change the effects position and style. Tap the check mark at the bottom right of the screen to finish editing. Press the icon between the two clips to choose different transitions. Press and hold a clip to switch its position in the timeline. Tap the music tab to add music to a clip, or press More Music to find the right song for your clip. Select the Filter tab to choose a filter. If you are satisfied with your edit, click complete at the top right and wait until the progress bar reaches 100% Your video has been created.