DJI Mavic Pro - Remote Controller Calibration

- Published on: Dec 7, 2016
- From: DJI Support
- Info: This video will show you how to calibrate your mavics remote controller. 1: Before calibration do not power on the aircraft during calibration! 2: Make sure the control sticks are cenetered! 3: Do not calibrate near metal objects. 4: Calibration takes approximately 60 seconds. If the app prompts that calibration has timed out after 60 seconds, please try calibration again. First, connect the remote controller to your mobile device. Then turn on the remote controller and launch the DJI GO app. Press the remote controller icon, and choose RC Calibration. Tap "Calibrate" Make sure both control sticks are centered and tap the start button. Read the warning message and press "OK" Rotate bith control sticks in every possible direction according to the instructions shown in the app. Ensure that each stick has gone through its entire range of motion. Then rotate the dial and fill the progress bar in each direction as shown in the app. Tap "Finish" remote controller calibration is now complete.


RC Calibration Remote Controller Calibration